June 21, 2017


How long are the sessions?
Session length is determined by enrollment. Varies from 30 to 90 minutes.


Do I need to bring my skates?
Nope, sessions are entirely off-ice assessments so make sure to wear proper workout attire, running shoes, skipping rope, water bottle, and a yoga mat.


How many participants can there be?
Space and time is limited so we have a maximum of 10 participants per session. Sign up early save your spot!


Why are there blanks spaces on my results?
Comparative data is not currently available for all tests at all competitive levels. Whenever available it will be provided.


Can everyone see my results?
Nope! Test scores can only be released to the skater or parent/guardian indicated on the consent form. Coaches are only privy to their skaters’ data when indicated on the consent form and have purchased the Interclub analysis, or the skater provides the information.


What fees are applicable?
Prices are subject to GST and/or applicable sales taxes. In addition prices are subject to change depending on facilities fees or mileage outside the City of Calgary.


Am I eligible to participate
You must be Star 1 an up, and you must be a registered member of Skate Canada.


Why is fitness testing important?
You need to know where you are at to improve, and fitness testing measures a baseline to track skaters’ progress. From there, you can set goals and constantly improve! It is also a crucial part of preventing injuries, since fitness testing shows areas of weakness that can leave you vulnerable if left uncorrected.


What is your refund policy?
If cancellation is requested 7 days before the event all funds will be returned. Exceptions can be made for medical reasons. Failure to attend your fitness session will not result in any refunds.